Sunday, October 26, 2008

June -The Zion Canyon Flute Festival

The last weekend in June Dennis and I went to the Zion Canyon Flute Festival. There were classes, open mic for preformers, vendor booths. Dennis bought 2 flutes there. Those who have heard Dennis play his native american flutes have been very impressed at how good he really is.
His music is as good or better than the people who played there.

The open mic stage.

Dennis purchasing a flute from the maker. It was a fun day. We will probablly go next year.

June - Mya Marie Avila Arrives

Mya Marie Avila was born June 30, 2008 at St. Rose Dominican Hospital. Alexis and Jace stayed the night at Grandma and Grandpas house then we came to see Mya. After the visit Jammie took the kids home and spent some time with them. I stayed at the Hospital to help Danielle so she could get some much needed rest. The next day they came home. Jace and Alexis go to see their new little sister Mya. We stopped and got flowers for Mommy and MyaWith a little help from the epidural Danielle didn't feel too much pain. Mother and Baby did well.

This is one proud daddy. Jammie congratulations!

Alexis this is your new little sister. Don't even think about teaching her anything.

Grandpa helps Alexis understand how to touch softly.
Jace loves his new little sister Mya

Aunt Brittany and Uncle Ryan also came to visit Mya in the Hospital.

Jammie had the laptop there and we had a video confrence call from Lynne, Branden, Caleb, Sawyer, Amie, Lauren, Dustin and Brayden in Alaska. Wow Technology.

Does Alexis look like she likes Mya? I think so. Getting ready to go home.

Beautiful Baby Girl, Mya Marie Avila

All day long the day Mya came home Jace was wiggling his loose tooth. Look how loose it was. He would not let anyone pull it out.

The next thing ya know Jame comes in the living room. With this cheesy grin. Look! I pulled out my tooth. Jace will always remember when he lost his first tooth. It was the day his little sister Mya came home from the hospital.

June - Brady's Graduation and our Hawaii Vacation

We would tell our friends that we HAD to go to Hawaii for our son in law's graduation. There are just some things you just have to do. (No one twisted our arms.)

We had a wonderful time there. We rented a house on the beach across from Foodland in Laie, where Jennelle and Brady lived and went to school at BYU Hawaii. Our first stop was the Shrimp Shack. Several places we visited were Wiamaia Falls Botanical Garden. Dennis took alot of flower pictures there. (By the way my latest first place ribbon at the Camera Club was the Canopy from there) Arizonia Memorial, Mossimotos, the beach, 4 wheeler trip back into the interrior. That was a blast. Here are some pictures from the trip.

Congratulations Brady!!!!

This is a picture from the back patio of our house we rented. We were literally 20 feet away from the beach. Jennelle and Brady stayed with us after their last day at the Dorms. Jennelle taking pictures of Brady swimming.

There are so many of these places along the North Shore Road. We loved stopping at the Shrimp shacks to feast.

Some of Brady's underwater photography with Dennis' new underwater camera.

Can you believe that I could get underwater far enough to take this picture?

Another fist place Photos from Camera Club "Pipeline in June"

We stopped at Turtle beach and found lots of turtles hawled out on the beach. This is another First Place Camera Club Photo. "Hang Ten Dude"

On our 4 wheeler trip we weren't allowed to take pictures until we stopped. This is where they filmed Jurasic Park, King Kong , Pearl Harbor, and other films.

One our our rest stops

Water Lili at Wiamaia Falls Botanical Garden . Enough points for a first place but someone beat me out for first place I came in Second.

A photo of a rare White Hybiscus that Dennis took at the botanical gardens

My latest First place photo camera club "The Canopy" Taken at the botanical gardens . October Camera Club.

There are to many pictures to show here but it was one of our favorite trips to Hawaii and we will treasure all the memories always.

Lookie! Lookie!

Michelle made me a new background. What do you think?