Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lauren spends the night

Lauren Griffie is a 16 year old who has just got her drivers license. Of course we had to go celebrate so we went to Applebee's for dinner. We rented 2 movies and had popcorn and treats.

The next day we went and got matching french tip pedicures. (Except Grandpa)
we made a dream catcher and just relaxed. Oh she had to do her nails too. And yes that is her phone. Lauren is a texting maniac. It never leaves her side.

Lauren is growing up way to fast. Soon she will be a junior at Foothill High School this year.

We then went and watched Grandpa in his first Mini flute concert at the Caring Place. It was very good. We then went to the opening of the 26 annual NCC photo competition where one of my images was on display. All in all we had a great time with Lauren we were so happy you came to spend the night with us.

Dustin spends the night

Dustin is on Summer Vacation he will be in 7th grade when he goes back to school this fall.

Dustin and Grandma went to Bonnie Springs and ate lunch. Then we came home and swam at Miss Susie's pool. It is a favorite place to play. We ate at Panda Express Dustin's fav. Orange Chicken.

The next day Grandpa and Dustin went for a hike to Mary Jane Falls. Those switchbacks are murder. But Dustin made it just fine

Dustin tried his hand at photography. Dustin you should join the camer club with Grandma, You have a good eye for pictures.

We had alot of fun with Dustin spending the night. Good luck in 7th grade.

Brayden spends the night

Brayden spent the night this summer while on track break. He had fun swimming in Miss Susie's pool. Brayden had a great time taking underwater pictures with Grandpa's camera.

We played several games of Battleship and Brayden was #1
"He Sunk My Battleship"

Brayden also tried his artistic skills at water color painting. We also made dream catchers but sorry to say we didn't take any pictures of it. But it did turn out good.

Come again Brayden we loved having you here with Grandma and Grandpa

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hike to Big Falls, Mount Charleston, Nevada

To get to Big Falls you start out on the Mary Jane trail and just before you start the switchbacks you go off the trail to the left. It was a harder hike than MaryJane Falls because all those boulders had to be climbed over to get to Big falls. I have scrapes and brusies to prove it. But it was worth it. The critters were wonderful to see and the falls was great too. It started ot get overcast and when the thunders started visions of being in that canyon with a flash flood and lightning made us head back. I could have stayed for hours. I love to hike. This last picture is looking back towards Mary Jane falls in the distance.

Chrochet Elbow

I went to the Dr. on Friday. I have tennis elbow but since I don't play tennis I think my cause is from crocheting and masking vinyl. I finished Scouts baby blanket Thursday before going to the Dr. I didn't want him saying I couldn't crochet for a while. So I got a shot of cortisone and a band to wear around my forearm. It helped a lot. No more pain for now. But no more baby blankets for a while, I'm not sure what to do about the vinyl masking. Retire?

Friday, July 24, 2009

My first 2 Blue Ribbons in Advanced Division

Tonight was my first night in the Advanced Division for my camera club. I was nervous and excited. Like Melanie said "I'm playing with the big boys now" Well at least that is what I think she said. Any way. This is my fist blue ribbon image it is of the Grand Canyon It is titled
"Rain Falling on Silence" category Monochrome / Nature I love this picture. I think it is one of my favorites

This is my 2nd blue ribbon. it is called "Wild Hogs" 4 Britts on a road trip" This was taken at the ward camp out last November. I didn't think it was a very good picture then I was told by a good friend at the camera club. Crop out what isn't necessary in you picture.. Wa la a so so image becomes a blue ribbon image

These guys just happened to be in Valley of Fire at the same time our ward was on a camp out. They had just flown to Las Vegas from London rented Harley's and were on a road trip. They were taking pictures of each other when I volunteered to take pictures with their cameras. Then I asked if I could take there picture so I ran back to the truck and got my camera out. And here it is . Category People / color (it was printed on metalic paper) Another favorite.

This was scored a 25 That would qualify for a blue ribbon if no one was higher. But there were so many wonderful pictures in the panoramic catagory that I didn't stand a chance. this image was printed 12" x 36" on metalic paper. This picture was taken in January at Red Rock

2 out of 3 is pretty good for my first time out. Well I am pleased with my efforts and am looking forward to being in this group.
16 of us went out to Applebee's afterwards I bought a round of desert shooters for everyone who wanted one. It was my way of celebrating.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ella doesn't have cancer

We recieved great news . After many days of worring , prayers were answered and we were informed that 3 year old Ella has "Spindle Cell Nevus" it is a black mole that mimics melenoma. She doesn't have cancer. She will have to undergo more surgery. (outpatient) to remove the part that wasn't removed the first time . It will probably require some stitches. Michelle and Alvin are very relieved that it was caught in this stage, and so are we. We love our little Ella.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nevada Camera Club 26th Annual Electronic Photo Competion

I would like to thank all of the friends and family who came to the Opening Reception for the NCC Electronic Photo Competition. It makes me feel so wonderful that you took time out of your busy schedule to be there. Here are some of the images that received awards. Besides the one first place image I didn't know that any other images had received awards. It was quite a surprise to have many of them be recognized because it was an open competition with amateurs and professional photographers competing together.

"One Of Our Own" / First Place / Photo Journalism
I submitted 10 images for the competition. These images took 2nd , 3rd or honorable mention
I didn't realize that I had won anything other than the 1st place image that was hanging in the lobby until the slide show started with all the images that were entered in the contest.

Sky Eyes

You aren't listening

The Procession

The Sacred Datura Blossom

Put Your Shoulder To The Wheel

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Alexis spends the night

After picking up Alexis at her house we went to Mc Donalds. (Her Choice) The toys in the happy meal are from the new Ice Age movie. After eating and playing that is where we went.Alexis got Rudy from Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs
We got popcorn and slurpee and watched the movie together.

The water was a little cold and the wind was blowing at the water park by our house so
Miss Alexis wanted to get warm on the hot cement. Alexis also got Grandpa to swing her. When we got home we ate spagettie and watched a movie that Alexis brought. "Little Monsters" I wouldn't recomend this movie to kids we turned it off and went to bed. However when Alexis spends the night it is Musical Beds she starts out in one bed ends up in ours where there is now no room for us so this time Dennis sept in another room.
By the way Alexis snores as loud as I do.

Alexis wanted to go on a hike like her bother Jace. However we found out today that Alexis doesn't like to hike. She lasted about 50 feet and didn't want to hike anymore. Luckily the hike was only 52 feet long. This is a sping at Red Rock. It used to have gold fish in it but they have taken them out and returned it to a state of moss and skum. Alexis thought there were way to many bugs fro her liking and we left after 10 minutes

Alexis wanted a picture taken on top of a rock like her brother Jace. When she got to the top of the rock this was Her pose. What a girl!

We then went to Spring Mountain State Park to look at the horses, Anne and Harriette. They have a milk cow now too. I wanted to hike up to the lake but Miss Alexis was all hiked out.
She was done and ready to go home.

On the way home we stopped and Alexis got her Beta fish that I promised her. She named the fish Minnie. Cute name Alexis, take care of Minnie and don't over feed her. It was fun having you spend the night. Sorry we didn't get to the fingernail painting.
\I guess we'll have to do this again some time.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jennelle, Brady, Scout and Pennelope have left the building.
After 6 months of living with us this little family left for California. Brady starts Dental School in August and Scout will be born in Ausust. It will be a busy month for them.
Good Luck and God Speed
It was a very sad day when they left. Dennis and I will miss Nelli's cooking. She has become a very good cook. (except for grapefuit fish, don't ask)
Packed to the brim in the Versa

Here's the key back

Going... Going... Gone... We will miss you! Thanks for all you did to make our lives a little brighter while you were here. (At least you won't have to listen to me snore anymore.)