Friday, February 25, 2011

Original Images Photography by Diana Petersen - Opening Reception at Sunrise Library - Reception images courtesy of Kim Cochrane

February 24th was a milestone for me. My first solo library exhibit. 22 prints exhibited at Sunrise Library, Las Vegas, Nevada. I was very excited when the Library Gallery Coordinator asked if I would be willing to make this exhibit a traveling exhibit that would go to other libraries in Clark County. Of course I said "Yes Absolutely." Who knows maybe there will be another opening reception in a few months at a new library.
Dennis had his first CD release February 16th, "Spirits of Red Rock" Dennis provided the mood for the exhibit by playing during the reception. This was a big milestone for him as well. We are enjoying our before retirement years with lots of exciting new adventures and anticipate many more to come. This is not a done deal yet but I am hoping.
I would like to thank all who came and supported Dennis and I on this special night. Family and friends and even a few homeless people who wandered in to partake of some goodies. Thanks again all.
There are a few individuals I would like to thank. Susie I couldn't have done this without your help. You missed most of the reception because you were so busy making sure the refeshment table was alway full and looking good. You make me feel so special. You are such a good friend. Kim thanks for taking the images of my special night and helping before we opened. It made the night very special to have these images what a grood friends I am blessed with. Harriet and Linda thanks for saving the day, my brain was on overload and when I realized I had forgotten some things you were right there to help me. You are such good friends and as always I know I can count on you in a pinch.
Last but not least a special thanks to my sweetheart, Dennis you made the night extra special with your music. You are the love of my life and I couldn't imagine my world without you in it.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

CSN Love Las Vegas Style

CSN - Love Las Vegas was a very difficult shoot for me. It was really hard seeing Love in Las Vegas on Las Vegas Blvd. I know it was Las Vegas Style, that being said I live in Las Vegas and LV Blvd. isn't my style of love. After leaving LV Blvd I drove around and found some more traditional places for love. Call me a succor for love. But "Sluts are people too" Just made me feel sad. I understand this is a documentary class and I am trying to get better at seeing and documenting. My favorite images came after leaving down town.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dennis Petersen recording artist

That is right. My husband Dennis Petersen is a new recording artist. "Spirits Of Red Rock" We just received his first shipment of CD's today. On March 19th he will have a meet and greet at Elements the gift shop at Red Rock Canyon Visitors Center He will be playing Native American Flute Music and there will be a reception from 2-4 pm that day. He will sign CD's if there is a request.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

LV Documents Beliago

I had to do this assignment early due to my knee surgery the same day as the class was to go shooting. My knee surgery went well and I am recovering quickly. I am looking forward to the next assignment.
I had some really good ideas for this shoot but time ran out and I didn't get all the shots I had envisioned. I had wanted to get there soon enough to get pictures of maids cleaning rooms, and room service trays in the corridors but with the time restraints facing me and my surgery date looming just around the corner I only got to shoot for 2 hours. It is surprising how fast time flies when you are taking pictures.
My first location was on the top floor of the parking garage. There were some interesting views. Next I went to the casino floor. I have only been in the Bellagio one other time. (Yes I know I live here but I never go to the strip unless we have company or are going to a show)
My second location was inside a sculpture gallery. I asked the attendant if I could take pictures of the flower arrangements. I assured him I would not be taking pictures of the art themselves. He gave me an OK and so I looked around and found some orchids in a glass. After taking some images the gentleman who gave me permission decided to resend his approval. I was asked to leave. This was my first time to get booted out of anywhere. I complied.
I then went into the Atrium and then the Lobby. They have a special decorations up to celebrate the Chinese New Year "The Year of the Rabbit" I had fun and would like to go back and get more images.

Friday, February 4, 2011

LV Documents Fremont Street

Robert Farnham and I were partners on this shoot. I had heard that a section of the Berlin Wall was in the men's restroom in the Union Plaza. I was sure of it. Heather our instructor said she was sure it was at the Main Street Station. Well we went looking and didn't find it at the Union Plaza but then I remembered there was a place you could see all the way down Fremont Street. Sure enough the pool had been converted to the Fire Fly Restaurant. It was no longer in service but we had a great view from there all the way down Fremont Street. When I woke up Thursday morning it was cold, in the 20's. Bob and I had so many layers of clothes on we started overheating as we were inside shooting instead of being outside in the cold. Not a bad problem to have. We started pealing off layers. We found some glasses and cards and a Hershey's kiss and set up a photo shoot. It wasn't until Bob pulled out the Martini Glass that I started cracking up. "Hey Bob I found an old olive on the floor over there" So we put the petrified olive in the Martini Glass filled with 7 up. It looked good. Bob had to leave soon so we were off to find the Berlin Wall. Sure enough it was right where Heather said it was. We got security to keep all the patrons out while I went in and took pictures. The security guard was very friendly and says he gets this a lot and is used to taking women in the men's restroom. The roomer was that there was originally a trough type of urinal so you could see the wall better. However apparently many people didn't like the wall or what it stood for so they would pee all over the wall instead of in the urinals. Now there is individual urinals. What a shame. You really can't see the big picture of what the wall looks like any more. Bob left and I got a new partner Jim from Kingman. We did some shooting on the Main drag for a while, then Harriet called and we met up at the 4 Queens, we walked down to Fremont and Maryland. We found some really wonderful subjects to take pictures of. We were walking and I saw there were people in this shop. It was a boxing studio. I knocked on the door, they unlocked it (very suspiciously seeing how there were 2 very white older women at the door) and asked if we could take pictures of someone with boxing gloves on. They were very nice and invited us in and had a couple of guys get gloves on the I suggested they get in the ring. It was really quite fun. The clicks were going as fast as we could go. We then started back and met up with Heather and the group of class members and walked around for a while. Found an empty pool, a place where a homeless person was living and some great textures to shoot. I think this will be a fun class. The first week was.