Saturday, June 27, 2009

Officially I am now in the Advanced group at the Camera Club

Tonight I got my 5th blue ribbon "Sky Eyes"as an Intermediate. I now have to compete in the Advanced catagory with some really great photographers. I am scared and excited too. Here are the other blue ribbon winners.
"Sky Eyes"
"Water Boogers"
"You Aren't Listening"

"Horse n' Around"

"Put Your Shoulder To The Wheel"

Flagstaff Grandchildren

We had so much fun with the Flagstaff grandchildren, Danica, Emmy, Alvin, Ella, and Tage. We went to The Spring Preserve to the trading post, ran through the sprinklers, went swimming with cousins, went to Pistol Pete's and rode the roller coaster. And Alvin learned to ride a two wheeler!!!! (sorry Alvin no pics) Thanks for coming we can't wait until Granpas campout to see you again.