Sunday, November 16, 2008

This is what I do.

I am 54 years old I am up on a scafold that is about 15 ft off the ground. There is definately something wrong with this picture? I think that I should be on a river somewhere fishing. Ya that's it. Fishing.

The Reber Clan at Tage's blessing

Tage is wearing the slip on shoes Nelli made. They don't match but they are so Cute.

Friday, November 7, 2008

August- Jennelle is working with me again.

Jennelle and Brady got back from their Europe trip and she was looking for some part time work. I was happy to ablige. Since Darla has been teaching full time I really needed some help. I felt guilty everytime I had to call Darla and beg her to help when she is working so hard already. Thanks Jennelle. Jennelle stepped it up and handled the business with Darla's help when Dennis and I went to Alaska for 2 weeks. But she handled it well.

August - A trip to The Springs Preserve

Alexis and Jace were so excited to go to the Springs Preserve to trade what they had found in nature. They can get points for trading in things they find and then trade their points for other things. Jace traded in a Dragonfly and Alexis traded in a Tarantula Wasp they found both of these dead at their house.Alexis traded for a Casada shell

August- Mya's Blessing

We were invited to attend Mya Marie Avila's blessing. It was a wonderful day. Danielle and Jammie invited us over after the blessing for lunch. And as always it was good food, family and friends.

The Avila Family

Mya's dress was beautiful.Danielle makes all of Mya's hair bows. They are so cute.

Grandma's Girls

August- Camera Club at Nelson Night Shoot

I belong to the Nevada Camera Club. The beginners group led by the more experienced members of the club. Took our group to Nelson, Nevada. A family has an old movie set there with old buildings cars and cool stuff. Jennelle, Linley, Terri Hutchings (a friend from High School) and I went. You have to get everything set up during the day. Because you only take pictures in the dark. Jennelle, twirling a glow stick or was it a glow stick ball?
Painting objects in the dark with light was a facinating thing to do. You can actually make it look like lights are on on buildings with no electricity.
This car is really not blue
I would like to try this again some time.

This was the last shot of the night. We found an old outhouse and put a light in the moon and painted the exterrior with green light. I liked it. Then we realized it was Midnight and desided to come home.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

JULY - Grandpa's Campout

We took everyone to Pistol Pete's and it has a Roller Coster that you can ride as much as you want.

Look at Alvin in this picture. This was before the rollercoster started
This was after the first time around. They had to stop the roller coster and let him off.

Well we found something he loved to do.
Everyone got balloons, everything from Spiderman to Squigward

Waterballoons in pajama's

Danica had a hard time popping her balloon unfortunatly for Dustin, Jace had no problem.

We went swimming at Desert Breeze pool and then ate at McDonalds.

What a fun Grandpa's campout!

JULY - Alvin, Emmy, and Danica

Danica, Emmy, and Alvin came for a week to stay with us. Alvin was so happy he was old enough to come to Grandma and Grandpa's this year.

We stopped at the Famous Snow Cap icecream and hamberger place where they play jokes on you when you order things. On old route 66 in Seligman

Inside the Snow Cap

Old cars at the Snow Cap

Danica and Emmy learned to swim. And earned some extra cash in the bargan.

Alvin was so brave and put his face in the water. We had lots of fun. Next to come this weekend was Grandpa's Campout.

July - Track Break


Dustin, Brayden and Jace spent the night during their track break. We went swimming at Miss Susie's , went to see Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3 D. And went to the pool it was a fun couple of days.

They were NOT supose to be blowing bubbles but Jace couldn't control it.

I call this one Water Boogers.