Monday, May 3, 2010

Joseph City Trip or should I say Adventure

The trip to Joseph City to see Dennis' mom and dad and take home our little Tage to Flagstaff was uneventful and we had alot of fun, until we started for home. This is a picture just outside of Winslow headed toward Flagstaff. Yes that is a duststorm ahead. The day before they closed this stretch of freeway on I 40 down for 24 hours because the wind was 60 mph and visibility was zero. We made a mad dash to see if we could get through before it closed again.
Well we almost made it. Some truckers were going to fast for the road condiditons and there was a 3 semi pile up. We waited for over an hour. Trucks as far as you could see behind us and..

As far as you could see in front of us. We had Caleb and Sawyer in our truck watching a movie so that wasn't so bad they were pretty much oblivious. The bad part was Bridger had started throwing up the night before we left and this hold up wasn't helping matters. Branden and Lynn tried to find out what was the hold up when they found out about accident they desided to take the boys and go back to Joseph City. It wasn't 2 minutes when they called and said Sawyer was now throwing up. (Lucky us it wasn't in the truck) So they went back to Joseph City. and we sat waiting. Couldn't go back we had passed the only overpass by 20 feet we were stuck for the duration.
Finally the traffic started moving after about an hour and a half. We stopped in Flag to pick up Danielle's stroller and see the grandkids. But it had started snowing on us just before we got to Flag and we desided not to stay for very long. =( It was good to see all of the kids they stayed home from school so we could see them. When we left Flag there were flurries and the we hit a full blown snow storm just outside of Flag all the way to Ashfork and beyond. Isn't this almost May?
Well what should have taken us 5 hours took us 10 but we're home and we are sad but happy to be here. We loved having Tage with us and Loved the trip with Branden, Lynne and the boys puking or not. We loved seeing Mom and Dad again and playing Rook. We will miss all of you.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Here's mud in your eye

My Ella Bell at Granma and Grandpa Petersen's house in Joseph City
After the rain.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Tage and Ezra playing in the dirt.

Cousins at play

Ezra loving playing in the dirt

cousins at play


The Wizard of OZ" Ballet Recitial

Alexis preforming the "OZ Ballet"

Was that supose to be stage right or stage left?

The Alegro. I think? Ballet terms I am not so sure of. This image is of Alexis just leaving the stage in her leap.

Final bows

Grandpa's little ballerina

Treat of ice cream after the show

Home at last. What a fun night watching Alexis in her 2nd Ballet Recitial. You are such a tallented little Ballerina

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I love spagettie. Using the spoon needs some practice.

Digging in the dirt under the apricot tree in Grandmas' back yard.

Happy boy!

Dirt doesn't taste all that bad.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Red Rock Visitors Center & Hiking with Tage

Climbing of a big lizard

Tage loves to run it's like herding cats. The only time he is semi still is when Grandpa is holding him.

Playing in the dirt.

Playing with rocks

discovering new things

going back to the car

Wore out

Back to normal wearing grandma's shoes. What a fun day.