Friday, January 9, 2009

NCC Annual Juried Exhibition 2009

I entered 6 images into this years NCC Juried Exhibition. Out of 100 + pictures only 23 were selected to be in a traveling exhibiton from our camera club. This exhibition will travel to many of the Clark County Librarys. This is the first time one of my images was selected. This is the image that was selected. I talked with the judges afterwards and got good feedback about the images that were not chosen. I am learning all the time. It was my goal to have one image make it and I did. 2009 is really looking great for me.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Professional Photographer???

Wooohooo, I had a meeting with the buyers for Red Rock Canyon Visitors Center Monday, January 5the 2009 and they are going to be carrying my photography Images in their Gift Store at the Visitors Center. So if you are ever at the Visitors Center and you see a picture that is signed by a D Petersen that would be me. You can say you knew me when. When what I don't know. Dennis says when I was more humble. I don't know if I was ever that humble to start with. I never dreamed that this would happen to me this soon after starting photography. Dennis what have you done? Thank you for buying me my camera a year ago for my birthday without you and your support this wouldn't be possible. There will be signed and matted pictures, signed note cards, magnets with my images and I will be working on getting postcards made. Thank you all for putting up with me I know how annoying I have been asking you about my pictures and asking your help in naming them. But it has all come to this I am a professional photographer.

"Peace Be Still"

"The Meltdown"

"Ice Age"

Bristlecone Sentinal"

"A Break in the storm

Friday, January 2, 2009

Some major events of 2008

1. President Hinkley Dies
2. President Monson becomes the new Prophet
3. Mitt Romney runs for President of the US
4. Dennis and I get 3 new Grandbabies in one year! Mya Marie Avila,Tage Jorgensen Reber,
and Ezra Joseph Petersen
5. Standing up for Marriage passes in California
6. Twilight was made into a movie
7. I made it out of Beginners at the Camera Club
8. Ryan and Brittany move into their new home
9. Dennis and I travel to Hawaii and Alaska in the same year
10. Brady Graduates and gets accepted into Dental School
11. Ryan Graduates and enters Metro as an officer
12. Jennelle and Brady move to Las Vegas
13. Lauren makes the Club Volley Ball Team
14. We travel to Flagstaff for Tages' blessing Michelle and Alvin's last baby?
15. Branden, Lynne, Caleb and Sawyer come South for the Winter
16. Ryan & Brittany have their 1st baby Ezra Joseph Petersen (at home)
17. The anouncement of Branden and Lynne expecting this summer
18. Dennis makes his first Native American Flute CD of his music
19. Dennis and I celebrated our 16th Anniversary 17 years Sunday January 4th
20. D&D Celebrates 11 years in business