Monday, December 29, 2008

Fingers and Toes

Unbelieveable but these are Ezra's toes they are so long and look at how long his feet are compared to Ryans.

Sorry it's blurry

Ezra's fingers are long too. Amazing

Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's been a good year for me at the Camera Club

I received my 5th Blue Ribbon in November from the Nevada Camera Club that I belong to. That means that I am officially not a beginner any more. The divisions are Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Master. When you recieve 5 blue ribbons in your division you are automaticly moved to the next division. I have been moved to intermediate. I hope it's not as hard as I am expecting it to be to get Blue Ribbons. (a blue ribbon is a combined score of 24 or higher from 3 judges. However if there are more than one person with that high of score the judges pick from those images to determine the blue ribbon image. There are 3 judges with 9 being the highest score.) I have never recieved a 9. Here are my 5 blue ribbon images.

"Twlight Zone" Catagory "Abstract" 4-25-08

Taken at the Springs Preserve, Las Vegas, Nevada

"Hang Ten, Dude" Catagory "Nature" 6-27-08

Taken on Turtle Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

"Pipeline" Catagory Club Challenge "Motion" 6-27-08

Taken at Pipeline Beach, Ohau, Hawaii

"The Canopy" Catagory Unclassified Black and White 10-24-08

Taken at Wiamai Falls Botanical Garden, Oahu, Hawaii

"Aye Chi WaWa" Catagory "Animals and Pets" 11-21-08

Taken in my daughter Amie's backyard these are her pets the Dog's name is "Roxy"

Our Christmas Angel

On December 25th Ezra Joseph Petersen was born. Our neighbor Jimmy and Susie put this angel in the top of their 40 foot pine tree. It was appropriate I inclued it here to welcome our own little Christmas Angel

Mom, Dad and Baby had a rough road getting this little spirit here . But all is well and he is adorable. Welcome to our family Ezra.

8lbs 6oz 21.5 inches long. He has dark brown hair and long long fingers and LONG LONG toes.

Proud Grandpa

Brittany had a very hard labor and delivery and is doing okay but will need some time to recooperate. Ryan's work gives him parental leave so he will be home with Brittney and Ezra for 6 weeks. I think Ryan realizes that it will be no vacation, but is excited and happy to be a dad.

This is Grand baby number 14 "Welcome To Our World"

Ward Campout

Our ward camps out in the Valley of Fire every year. We took Brayden with us but no pictures of him. The minute the truck stopped he was off wandering and climbing rocks. Here are some pictures I took while we were there.

Elepahnt Rock. It is pretty famous. I got up really early to get good light. When I was coming back I noticed the Valley of Fire Marathon was getting ready to start so I stopped to take pictures. This is the one Lynne was going to run if they had come down sooner.As I was taking pictures I looked up and to my supprise it was Lucy a girl I went to high school with she was as supprised as I was.
As we were getting ready to leave these guys were taking pictures of each other and I offered to take a group picture for them. When they said yes I was taken aback. Their Brittish accents were unmistakable. They said they flew in to Las Vegas and all rented Harley's to take a road trip. How FUN! I want to do that.

Jerome, Idaho

Darla and I take a Road Trip

Darla and I drove to Jerome, for my Uncle Henry's funeral in Jerome, Idaho. It was about a 10 hour drive. Darla helped drive the last 4 hours

I couldn't help but stop and take pictures along the way.

My brother Mike and my Aunt Marrion. Marrion remeinds me of my mom. I miss her.

Farwell Henry

St. Benedicts Hospital where I was born. In the day mother's were given medicine that knocked you out and when you woke up you had a baby. Things are really different now aren't they.

Plesant Planes House this is the first house I remember living in. The school was on the same property. My grandpa Newman lived in the School basement apartment. I was the Christmas Angel in my 1st grade play. I have good memories here. This is also the place where Randy got the stitches over his eye. He was standing a little to close when I was swinging the golf club.

the back porch

I went to first grade while living in this house my dad taught 6th grade and was the Principal

It's a horse correll now

I took tap dance here

This is the home of Kim Shafer this is where I got my first Kiss!

The Lilac House we had lilacs on the right side of this picture from the front of the house all the way to the back of the property. I remember my dad lifting me up to see my first Robin nest with little blue eggs. It was magical. This is where we had a pillow fight when my brothers were babysitting us. The pillows broke and feathers went everywhere. It was in the middle of winter and they made us go outside by the curb and shake off all the feathers.

Jefferson Elementary I went to 2nd and 3rd grades here. My cousin Connie and I were in 2nd grade together. They wouldn't let us be in 3rd grade together I was devistated. Then we moved to Overton.

This is the Bank that my mom worked in and where she met my dad.