Sunday, April 17, 2011

CSN Habitat

I had an enjoyable shoot this week. Henderson is a mixture of old really old (at least by Las Vegas standards) homes and businesses. We started out at the Rainbow Club Casino for breakfast. Good food cheap prices. I am finally starting to realize about layering in these documentary photographs how to make images not look flat and one dimentional. Forground middleground and background. Except for a few dog incidents everything went relatively smooth. " Platinum Suites" Really! Platinum?

Redneck Lock
" Shopping Cart Graveyard"

"Wash Day" I remember having to do this. I didn't like it at the time but I think I wouldn't mind doing it again. I remember your clothes had such a wonderful fresh smell to them.
" Watering the Grass" Not much grass in this yard only where the laundry hangs.
" Locked Down" The chairs and the table on Water street were all locked together
" Hot Water" well maybe 10 years ago
"Home is where you lay your head"
"Crystal Cleaners and Laundry"
"Cracked" This is my favorite of all of the images. It just all worked for me.