Sunday, May 1, 2011

LV Documents South Strip

This is my favorite image of the 10 I selected for this shoot. I used a 10 stop filter to get the cloulds moving through the sky. I was able to make a 30 second exposure in the middle of the day. I am really going to enjoy this new ability. I set the camera on my camera bag to give it stability because I didn't have my tripod. I am enjoying abstract images very much.

this is an abstract of a painting on a wall in the Luxor it is part of a cape.

this is one of Dennis' favorite images. I like to as well but it wasn't my favorite it was 3rd

this was a my 2nd favorite image. the lighting tracks were really cool and when they came to a corner they illuminated up on the metal walls

desert (oh I wish I wasn't trying to loose weight)

I didn't know there were any motel 8's in existence any more well I guess anything can happen in Vegas

at an abandoned motel the roof was being held up by these metal straps

I really liked the contrast between the 2 spires. the Luxor Obolisk and the old motels sign

at the 4 seasons this wedding cake begged to get photographed so I snuck in the wedding planners office and took a few shots. (no I didn't get asked to leave)